Why will your driver leave you? These are 9 reasons why

The date of adding : 03.08.2018

The turnover of professional drivers is currently a nightmare for most of transport businesses. Keeping a driver is as hard as finding a new one. And a phone from the route with “I’m leaving, and the keys are there...” is a pain for many carriers. I used to think that the problem is mostly a fault of drivers. I was wrong. The fault is often the carrier’s. Check out 9 mistakes your drivers will leave you because of. Find out if you don’t commit them. 

1. Too restrictive fuel norms

You set a fuel norm with a 3-tones load for a flat area, later expecting the same norm for a 24-tones load through Norwegian fjords. How can a driver meet that norm? Do you expect him to tank up for their own money?

2. Getting to the vehicle is also a pause

You calculate the week pause of the driver to the minute, adding the time to access and leave from the vehicle to it.I don’t need to explain that this is totally against the law, since the access to the vehicle is not a pause, but working time! Thus don’t require your driver to dedicate their free time to access the vehicle instead of resting.

3. Overdue hours during a week

You force your drivers to shorten their week pause and take their overdue hours in a week for a day pause. Theoretically, it is lawful. In practice, you take the time for private live away from them. It’s better to account for an overdue pause with a week pause and allow the driver to spend more time (as a longer weekend) with their family.

4. Do you throw young drivers in the deep end?

Do you employ drivers with no experience? Great. They have to gain it somehow. But be reasonable. Don’t send them for routes they are not ready for. Don’t send them to mountainous areas if they didn’t master the flat ones. Give them some time to learn. Else you can just easily discourage them from further work.

5. No good system of work

You employ the driver for the 2/1 system, but it proves to be 3/1. You promise they will spend the weekend at home, but they come back on Tuesday. How can drivers plan their private life if they don’t know when they will be home? If it hardly ever happens, they will probably turn a blind eye at this. It is happens often, they will easily lose their moivation to work.

6. No equal treatment for drivers

Do you have “better” and “worse” drivers? Wrong. This type of information spread among them at the speed of light. Everyone knows what they carry, what are their routes, and when they were back for the weekend. Nothing will hide. That’s why you should treat everyone equally. You don’t want a mutiny on board, do you?

7. Remuneration below standards

According to statistics, 80% of drivers choose their employer based on the amount of remuneration. Some peanuts probably won’t convince them to change their work. A reasonable difference can do this. Several thousands will surely do. This is why you should analyze the situation on the job market. Try not to significantly differentiate from the market standards.

8. Money not on time

Do you pay late? You send the transfer each month on a different day? You are on the way to lose your employees and reputation as an employer as you take away the security from your people. Additionally, this type of information quickly spread in the transport. Just think, who will want to work for you if you’re insolvent?

9. The routes differ from your promises

You employ your driver for west directions, but in reality half of routes lead to the north. You promised loads only for the whole vehicle, but you regularly send for added loads. You told there’d be exclusively long routes, but you send your driver only for short ones. You didn’t keep your promise. For a driver, each task is different. They often start working in a given company because of the routes he is to drive on. Don’t take this away from them if you don’t want to lose them.

Remember that drivers are like clients. One dissatisfied driver will generate more losses than a few happy ones. This is why you shouldn’t commit those mistakes if you don’t want to be blacklisted. It’s easy to lose your reputation, but hard to regain it.


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