9 elementary mistakes in job offers for drivers

The date of adding : 03.08.2018

If you’re looking for a driver to join your business, you really have to give it some stick to have them interested in your offer. The times when a description with “searching for a driver, call me for more info” was enough are squarely over. Today nobody will notice an advert without basic data. No driver will try to guess who you’re searching for, every one will reject your advert. Thus, before you pay for adding another offer, prepare to write it properly. Below is the list with the most common mistakes from the job offers for drivers we have found at well-known portals. Avoid them in order to increase the efficiency of your advert.

1. No information about your business

Just imagine that you are a driver. You’re browsing adverts, and one offer made you interested. You click for more, open the advert, and you see no name of the company, no information about it and, in extreme cases, just a contact’s name of somebody unknown. What are you thinking then? Why are they hiding? Today every employee looks for information about the company prior to sending an application, they check for opinions online, they ask their friends. Therefore, write something about your business, about your values, your accomplishments, etc. Show yourself!

2. No driver’s category

Popular job portals don’t specialize in searching for drivers, and few clicks to see the job offers specific for a given driver’s category are not enough. This is why you have to put this information both in the title and in the content of your advert, so your offer is visible for search engines. Else there’s little chance the driver will find your offer writing down popular keywords.

3. No type of driver

Another important information without which your offer can just get lost among search results is the type of driver. We have three basic types of drivers: local, national, and international. Thus, if you need a driver to ride around the chimney, select “local”. If you drive just in one country, choose “national”. And if you leave the country, select “international”, adding proper directions, as north of Europe, since drivers often look for job on particular routes.

4. No information about remuneration

According to statistics, 80% of drivers choose their employer based on the amount of remuneration. What are the chances they will choose your offer if you’re hiding from him the best motivation to change their job? You don’t need to write any concrete amount, just select the range.

5. No information about the system of work

Unfortunately, the remuneration alone doesn’t tell a lot to a driver. Without information about the system of work it is hard to tell if the money offered is actually attractive. Some drivers prefer to earn less and spend time with their families, so they search for a job in 2/1 or 2/2 systems. Others, on the other hand, want to have free weekends and will choose to work from Monday to Friday. If you don’t give such information in your advert, you decrease your chances in case of 40% drivers.

6. No localization for the transport base

The time when drivers wanted to commute for hundreds of kilometres to get to the car are almost over. If a driver has two similar offers, he will probably choose the base with a more comfortable access. It’s not enough to just select the province, it’s better to write down the name of the city. Sometimes even dozen of kilometers makes the difference, especially in case of national and local drivers.

7. No type of the car

Drivers easily get accustomed to the type of their work. It will be hard to convince a driver who drove a cold storage or isotherm to change for a tilt. Like-for-like, someone who drives cisterns isn’t interested in a job for driving road trains. So, don’t forget about the type of vehicle.

8. No experience required for the job

If you’re looking for an experienced driver, it’s good to give this information in your advert. Writing “experience required” is not enough. It’s worth adding how much experience you need, how many years. Let them now straightaway if they meet your expectations. If you don't require any experience, you should also emphasize it in your advert to make it more visible to beginning drivers.

9. No additional information (ADR, pick-up truck lift, etc.)

Looking for a driver for double manning? Emphasize it! This type of work is often sought after by couples or fathers and sons. Do you deal with transporting dangerous goods? Add an information that you’re looking for a driver with an ADR permission.  Or maybe you’re looking for a driver who can use the pick-up truck lift? Put this information in the title of the advert. And if you’re searching for a driver for international routes and you need someone with English, add this information in your requirements to avoid possible misunderstandings.

The more info in your advert, the great the chance you’ll be visible in the search results, since most of the portals related to jobs don’t give drivers any tools to filter the offers outside the universal search engine. This is why you should test different advert titles, and different content. Check which adverts are the most viewed ones in your case. And if you don’t have time for such tests, just check our portal.



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